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If you missed DCGCon or just weren’t able to get this fresh ass shirt — HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!!  In all its 8-BIT glory, rock this new Sewerside shirt, complete with Sewer Mario punching that “?” block and revealing the ultimate powerup: CANNABIS!!!

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after almost 2 years, there is finally a new sewerside album for you to bump.  it is a 9 song masterpiece titled “Smartalec & Othersongs”.   It is a $5 digital download that also comes with a PDF digital booklet filled with the lyrics & weird drawings by Sewerside himself.
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SMARTALEC & OTHER SONGS – the new album by Sewerside


Finally some new music!  That’s right, on May 11th – the new Sewerside album “Smartalec & Other Songs” will be available for digital download right here at!  It will later be available on other outlets like iTunes & Spotify and shit, but it will FIRST be available HERE!

The tracklist & album cover will be revealed on the day of release but the FIRST SINGLE from the album is available RIGHT NOW!

it’s a super funky stoney track for you to blaze your trees to – just in time for 4/20!


“Straylines” on the Faygoluvers Awards!

Sewerside nominated for EP of the year!

Faygoluvers, one of the best-known Juggalo websites and source of information is hosting their 4th annual music awards and Sewerside needs your vote!!!!  With the freshness of the music video for title-track “Straylines” getting rotation on the Juggalo Show, as well as getting plenty of play from the Juggalos themselves, the EP of the same name has been nominated for EP of the year!  

Go to Faygoluvers now and VOTE

You can vote once daily for this and MANY other categories such as DJ of the Year, Graphic Artist of the Year, and more.   >You can vote right HERE<

Much love to Scottie D, Rosco, Punk Rock Juggalo, and all the ninjas and ninjettes of the Faygoluvers Heaven staff and forum!

Sewerside at DCG Con!

HOLY SHIT it’s goin’ down in Colorado!
If you were at last years DCG Con, you may have seen me, Sewerside, roaming around and getting my game on.  Well, this year, there will not only be a performance from Sewerside, but a gaming event hosted by yours truly as well!!
On Friday (May 11), from 5-7pm in the Green Gaming Area, check out the Bizzar Boardgame Bizaar Tournament!  You remember the boardgame printed in the center of the Bizaar CD booklet from back in the year 2000??? Well – I took the liberty of blowing that motherfucker up and slapping it on a full sized board for YOUR gaming entertainment!!  This game is funny as hell and the winner gets to KEEP THE BOARD!

Sewerside will start off the Saturday night concerts with a BANG!  In the legally stoned state of Colorado, expect and extremely stoney and “high” energy performance with all your favorite Sewerside stoner jams like “SMOKE” and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”.  Then, continue to party through the night with performances from MC LARS, Ouija, Lyte, Mac Sabbath & ICP!
Three days of Juggalo gaming freshness and two nights of amazing concerts for $50.  Plus, it all takes place in one spot, a big ass hotel that will be booked almost entirely by Juggalos!  It’s like a stationary Juggalo cruise on land.   Get your tickets at now mothafacko!

Sewerside performing with ESHAM!!

Saturday, March 24 in Orlando, Florida!

Don’t miss this LEGENDARY line-up featuring performances from Grimm Gutter, Elixer Flow, Sewerside, & Stakz Devito for a night of wicked shit and underground hip-hop; headlined by the GodFather of WICKED SHIT HIMSELF!  ESHAM the Unholy!!

Tickets are only $12 and can be purchased WITHOUT FEES (& only $1 shipping per order) right here at the Sewerside Store



twenty eighteen mothafucka

holy shit january is already fuckin' over and 2018 is in full swing.

2017 was the shit for me and i have a lot of people to thank for that. that's another post entirely though, with a whole novels worth of names of the fresh people that contributed to such an amazing year. there's a lot of exciting shit going down for sewerside this year – some of it is ready to be announced, some of it is a big motherfuckin' secret, and some of it already happened!

LET'S START HERE: march 24 @ soundbar in orlando FL – ESHAM LIVE with special guest SEWERSIDE! that's right, the godfather of the wicked shit is making his way down to florida for the first time in years, and you know sewerside will be in the house rocking the motherfucking stage as well. here's the event page on facebook.

ALSO: this year there WILL be a new sewerside album! the title is "smartalec".  the release date is still tbd.  keep your eyes peeled for album art, release info, and music videos for this album — coming soon!!!

ALSO ALSO: with new sewerside music coming out, i am excited to announce that some oldschool tracks have FINALLY been made available on digital music outlets!  singles for the songs "That Will Happen", "8-BIT", & "Babyrox" as well as the Guttermouth EP are now available for your streaming or downloading pleasure on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, and a slew of other digital retailers i've never even fucking heard of!  be sure to check out the full length album 1X1 now available in the deluxe edition which i will now explain in this next paragraph.

1X1 is my opus of an album that i worked on from 2007 to 2010 and finally completed and released digitally in 2011.  it was such a long and painstaking process because i produced the entire 15 track album by myself as an underexperienced and still-learning producer.  it underwent a whole lot of changes in the process, and because of this there were many different mixes, ideas, and songs recorded during that time period that didn't make the final cut of the album. because of this, i produced an alternate version of the album and released it for free on this website the same day the real album released on iTunes.  this was called "1X1 (the bootleg)" and many of you may actually have downloaded that .zip file.  the new "deluxe" release features both the real version and the bootleg version of 1X1, a total of 30 tracks.  due to certain copyright issues and other things that came up when preparing this updated release, 4 tracks were altered from the original bootleg release.  the new deluxe version includes different mixes of the songs "fake out" & "night out" as well as the songs "hellbent" & "stop drop roll".  anyway that's only a fraction of the fucking ramble i could give you on this shit but i'll spare you and just hit you with the fucking links.


OTHER THAN THAT: these albums are available (or soon to be available) for listen on the sewerside youtube page in album playlists.  RIGHT HERE this youtube page is the only spot to stream "THE GATHERING EP" so be sure to hit it up and give it a listen.

ALSO ALSO ALSO: there is a big announcement coming soon concerning a certain event in the future.  i really wanna fuckin announce it already

ANYHOW!  much love if you read all of this. 2018 finna be the shit for all of us – get ready!




All orders at the SEWERSIDE STORE now come with a FREE CD of the song Babyrox & a sticker of a crackhead baby.  Most people know the song BABYROX from the catchy in-yo-face hook "I LIKE IT WHEN YO BABY SMOKES ROCKS!"  Well now you can have it on this special edition 3 track CD that is currently unavailable streaming!  Why does this CD single have three songs, what are the other two tracks – you probably didn't ask, but I asked it for you…  WELL!  Here's the fucking tracklist:

1. Babyrox (2017 version, performed by Sewerside & 2Tone)

2. Babyrox (2006 version, performed by the Ping Pong Triplitzzz)

3. Behind the Crackpipe, Behind the Rocks (Babyrox Commentary track featuring Sewerside & 2Tone)

If none of the above makes any sense to you, well that's all the more reason to get this amazing CD!  The commentary track is 15 minutes long telling all the crazy and bizarre TRUE STORIES behind the song.  And to top it off, it comes with a FREE STICKER with art drawn by Sewerside of a baby with a crack pipe.  What more could you ask for? 

Get yours FREE by ordering a shirt or CD at the Sewerside online store!

Sewerside at the Juggalo March!

Though the concert information is still TBD – Sewerside will definitely be right alongside the Juggalo Family at the March on Washington DC this September!  Invited personally by Psychopathic Records to perform at and attend the March, Sewerside is HONORED to represent the greatest subculture and fanbase in the history of planet Earth — THE MOTHERFUCKIN' JUGGALOS!!  Be there.

For more information on the March on Washington, hit up