Sewerside at DCG Con!

HOLY SHIT it’s goin’ down in Colorado!
If you were at last years DCG Con, you may have seen me, Sewerside, roaming around and getting my game on.  Well, this year, there will not only be a performance from Sewerside, but a gaming event hosted by yours truly as well!!
On Friday (May 11), from 5-7pm in the Green Gaming Area, check out the Bizzar Boardgame Bizaar Tournament!  You remember the boardgame printed in the center of the Bizaar CD booklet from back in the year 2000??? Well – I took the liberty of blowing that motherfucker up and slapping it on a full sized board for YOUR gaming entertainment!!  This game is funny as hell and the winner gets to KEEP THE BOARD!

Sewerside will start off the Saturday night concerts with a BANG!  In the legally stoned state of Colorado, expect and extremely stoney and “high” energy performance with all your favorite Sewerside stoner jams like “SMOKE” and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”.  Then, continue to party through the night with performances from MC LARS, Ouija, Lyte, Mac Sabbath & ICP!
Three days of Juggalo gaming freshness and two nights of amazing concerts for $50.  Plus, it all takes place in one spot, a big ass hotel that will be booked almost entirely by Juggalos!  It’s like a stationary Juggalo cruise on land.   Get your tickets at now mothafacko!

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