All orders at the SEWERSIDE STORE now come with a FREE CD of the song Babyrox & a sticker of a crackhead baby.  Most people know the song BABYROX from the catchy in-yo-face hook "I LIKE IT WHEN YO BABY SMOKES ROCKS!"  Well now you can have it on this special edition 3 track CD that is currently unavailable streaming!  Why does this CD single have three songs, what are the other two tracks – you probably didn't ask, but I asked it for you…  WELL!  Here's the fucking tracklist:

1. Babyrox (2017 version, performed by Sewerside & 2Tone)

2. Babyrox (2006 version, performed by the Ping Pong Triplitzzz)

3. Behind the Crackpipe, Behind the Rocks (Babyrox Commentary track featuring Sewerside & 2Tone)

If none of the above makes any sense to you, well that's all the more reason to get this amazing CD!  The commentary track is 15 minutes long telling all the crazy and bizarre TRUE STORIES behind the song.  And to top it off, it comes with a FREE STICKER with art drawn by Sewerside of a baby with a crack pipe.  What more could you ask for? 

Get yours FREE by ordering a shirt or CD at the Sewerside online store!

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