new shirts are here!! (also, the gathering ep)

WHAT UP YO!  Time to freshen up that wardrobe with some new Sewerside shirts!  As promised, some new dope swag has arrived.  That's right mothafucka!  You want a green shirt?  WE GOT DAT.  You want red?  WE GOT DAT.  You only wear black?  WE BEEN HAD DAT.  You tryina look fresh as fuck like Sewerside or even Prince?!?! (RIP)   ROCK THAT MOTHERFUCKING PURPLE BITCH!  Yup.  In stock now, at the SEWERSIDE STORE you can get your swag.   More merch will be added soon for your buying pleasure…

AND CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!!! Juggalos have been asking about the Gathering EP – so I've FINALLY made it available online at the Sewerside Store.  Suuuure – it was supposed to be an exclusive-to-the-Gathering-only kinda thing – in fact it's even called "The Gathering Exclusive EP" – but FUCK OFF!  I got extra copies, and it seems to be in demand – so HERE IT IS!

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