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holy shit it's already october?

this year is flying by!  here's some news for that ass:
sewerside is now working with south florida producer honest bill on like three different projects at once. expect a mixtape album featuring multiple south florida MCs at the end of the year.
sewerside is also gonna be featured on the homie rabbid's new album. more news on this song and album to follow, but for now, peep this song rabbid & sewerside done already did:

what's up?! - rabbid feat. sewerside

download "STRAYLINES" for free!

straylines is a sewerside ep from 2014 that you can download right here for free right now.

stream "STRAYLINES" for free!

sewerside on underground hustlin 54

remember like a year ago there was underground hustlin 54 hosted by johnny richter and featuring madchild and blaze ya dead homie? -- well sewerside was on that disc with a fresh ass song called "that will happen".  and if you hit play, you can hear that shit.  buy the album here

unreleased track!

a couple years back - epitaph, web three, & sewerside recorded a song together. it never got released... UNTIL NOW!


sewerside on the juggalo psypher

many auditioned...only 8 won
and sewerside was a winner, mothafucka!
peep the juggalo psypher, filmed live at the gathering of the juggalos 2015


download "MESS" for free!

mess is the 2012 masterpiece that was listed as one of the most popular downloads on faygoluvers.net - and you can download it right here, right now, for free.

stream "MESS"

what, you don't wanna download it... that's cool, it's streaming

do you like classic rock?

well then you may recognize the music in these songs.  sewerside presents: the mixtape massacre.  12 songs inspired by classic rock masterpieces.  featuring covers from steely dan, led zeppelin, the doors, the beatles, pink floyd, tom petty and more!  listen to it streaming on youtube:

if you want to download it for free, take this portal to the (parallel universe) sewerside website

stupid videos

back in the day my homies and i made a stupid ass sketch show called "the sewerside variety show". there are four episodes with amazing skits like "cooking with stephan", "fishing with idiots", "domestic wildlife" - not to mention an incredible inspirational speech from a hideous creature named seanathan. and now, for your viewing pleasure:

the sewerside variety show

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